UPDATED 19.4.2014

Well done to all the Finalists for reaching the Chairmans & Player Cup Finals 

A great achievement by all the players and coaching staff


Pitches are being cut next Week, great  facilities at Goshen


All Teams who use the Full Size Goals, you will notice the CORNER FLAGS are no longer in the Goal Boxes.

From Next week they will be put in the White Container, can all teams please use them and make sure that they are returned to the Container 



If you can't re arrange your cancelled fixtures Goshen Bury will NOT be Compensating teams  



What's New for next Season...... 2014/2015 

We are planning to start a new service for all the teams at Goshen

Pitches will be set up for your team ie Goals, Parent Lines, corner flags, all you have to do is bring your ball & play

Please let us know what you think... also if you have any more ideas to improve Goshen please email info@goshenbury.co.uk 


We are taking bookings for next season if your team or club wants a grass or astro pitch for next season please email pitchinfo@goshenbury.co.uk

Any NEW teams will be considered subject to pitch space, however this cannot be guaranteed


Dont leave it to the last minute as we have many clubs asking for grass & astro pitches 


If you are the last team to finish at Goshen, it is your team's responsibility to check that the goal boxes and white container is locked 'Not Tara's

Welcome to Goshen Bury 

On Behalf of the Committee we would like to thank all of you for using our facilities


Bury AllStars FC 

BrandleSholme Warriors 

Forever Bury FC A

Forever Bury FC B 

Phoenix FC

Elton Vale

Walshaw Sports FC 

Bury Supporters FC


Tottington Towler FC

Bury Ladies Rounders

Unsworth FC

Prestwich Marauders FC 

AFC Dobbies 

Bury FC Youth 

Game Cock FC

Royal Oak

Fishpool 'B' Rounders

Exodus Rounders

St. Gabs High School

Bury Grammar 

Holy Cross 

Bury Jnrs 


Goshen Bury Committee 

Mr.Tony Crosbie Chairman 

Mrs. Angie Crosbie/Mr.Ken Brown Treasurers

Mr.Nick Lenkowski/Mr.Jamie Hipwell Secretaries 

To contact the Committee please email : info@goshenbury.co.uk 


If any team plays on a unallocated pitch your club/team will be invoiced £50 

SAT26.4.149.30PM3PHOENIX 14NO  CONTAINER      21X7
THURS 8.5.14 18.30PM        3 PHOENIX          14       NOCONTAINER      21X7
TUES  22.4.14 18.30PM        4ALLSTARS       12      NOCONTAINER
TUES 22.4.1418.30PM        8TOTTY FCYES 1/2GOAL BOX 8
TUES  22.4.14 18.30PM        10B JNRS 14     NOGOAL BOX         10

MON 21.4.14 18.30PM       11B JNRS 15     NOGOAL BOX         11
SAT 3.5.14 9.30AM        4 ALLSTARS       NO CONTAINER       9V9  SOCKETED     GOALS 

TUES 22.4.14 18.30PM       5 B JNRS 10       NO CONTAINER

 SAT 26.4.14 9.30AM        8 BSHOLME        14       NOGOAL BOX          8 
 THURS 1.5.14 18.30PM      11 BSHOLME        14       NO GOAL BOX         11
WED  7.5.14 18.30PM       9 BSHOLME        14       NO GOAL BOX          9

Rounders Fixtures 

Exodus Home fixtures 

22/4/14 20/5/14 27/5/14 3/6/14 17/6/14 24/6/14 8/7/14 15/7/14 12/8/14

Fishpool Home Fixtures 

15th  & 22nd April

20th May

10th June

8th, 15th & 29th July

5th August

MSS Home Fixtures 

April  Tuesday 15th, 29th and Thursday 17th.

May  Thursday 1st, Tuesday 6th and 27th

June  Tuesday 3rd and 10th

July    Tuesday 1st and 22nd.


Bury Cycle Speedway are staging the 2014 British Individual Finalist Open  Bank Holiday Monday 25 August 2014 at Goshen

They will be using Goshen Changing Rooms and all the car parks they are expecting over 2000 people to this event

For a great day why don't you go down and support Bury Cycle Speedway 



  1. All persons using Goshen shall behave in a manner that does not cause injury, damage or nuisance to property, volunteers or other users of the facilities. All persons shall conform to any regulations with respect to the grounds and comply with any instructions they may receive from the management committee.

2.    Each club will be responsible for any wilful or negligent damage caused to the pitch, equipment, or building by their own members, or the members of a club against whom they are playing

3.    Public liability insurance is compulsory for all clubs. The insurance must cover clubs for public liability claims arising from the use of the facilities, which are the subject of a hiring agreement. The minimum liability cover must be 10 million pounds

  1. A Seasonal booking to a Club or Team comprises of the use of one pitch per team, playing on alternate Saturday/Sunday morning or afternoon during the Season. Some mid-week games will be accepted in certain circumstances, i.e. end of season backlog of games. Clubs running more than one team are required to make separate team applications.

  2. Teams must play on the pitch allocated unless prior permission has been given by Goshen. Teams found playing on pitches not allocated to them will be charged an additional fee unless this has been agreed.

6.    Teams arriving at a park more than 30 minutes later than their stipulated kick-off time will not be guaranteed the use of the pitch, irrespective of the circumstances

7.    Clubs are required to set up and take down their own equipment for each match and make sure goals are secure and safe to use. Arrangements need to be made for access to the appropriate container.

  1. Goshen pitches are let on the understanding that Goshen not accept any liability in respect of personal injury or theft of personal belongings which may arise from the use of or the condition of the ground or otherwise. Each user club must take out a policy of insurance to cover all risks.

  2. Any Club with an existing debt on their account will have to clear that outstanding debt before they will be provided with a pitch allocation for the upcoming season. Failure to do so will result in loss of allocation

  3. Each club is responsible for the supervision and control of competitors (opposition team), visitors, spectators and officials involved in their match.

11.  Each club must informing Goshen of any injury sustained by a player or spectator during the period of hire, in writing detailing the location, time and date of the accident, the nature of the injury sustained and the likely cause of the injury.

12.  Each club shall leaving the facility (and all parts thereof in connection with the hiring) in a clean and tidy condition, ensuring that all sports equipment is returned and the container locked and that all litter is removed or placed in the bins provided

13.  Each club shall ensuring that the Council’s No Smoking Policy is adhered to at all facilities during the period of hire.

14.  Each club shall ensure their members and visitors park in the designated areas and not in a manner that would prevent access for emergency vehicles, and to be  considerate to the residents living adjacent to the pitches.

15.  Any club that  does not have council permission or permission from Goshen to use the area will be making their insurance invalid. Bury Council security may be called if clubs refuse to leave the area.

16.  Each club is required to inform Goshen of their pitch requirements by email to pitchinfo@goshenbury.co.uk. This must be at least 6 days before the date of the match.

17.  The full schedule of which teams are on which pitches each weekend will be displayed on the website no later than Wednesday 18.00pm


  1. Clubs must ensure that they treat the facilities in a proper manner i.e. no washing of boots in showers or sinks, kicking of footballs in buildings or leaving litter e.g. drinks cans, sweet wrappers etc. No glass bottles or glass in any form must be taken into the changing facilities

2.    Any team found to be doing so will be liable for any remedial plumbing costs incurred or additional cleaning, and may forfeit the right to make future bookings

  1. It is the Hiring teams’ responsibility to unlock their allocated rooms, ensure that changing rooms used by both sides have been cleaned at the end of their session, to check for and report any damage, to ensure that lights are switched off, and for locking up afterwards (including setting any alarms). 
  2. If any team plays on a unallocated pitch the team/club will be invoiced £50.00


1.    Goshen reserve the right to cancel any let in the event of the accommodation being required by Goshen in any emergency, or if the playing fields and parks are unplayable due to any inclement weather or poor ground conditions.

2.    Goshen have the authority to make the final decision on the condition of pitches. They will declare on Friday if pitches are unplayable on Saturday or Sunday, if one pitch is OFF that means all pitches are OFF

3.    If a team subsequently plays on a pitch that is declared unplayable by Goshen they will forfeit the right to book pitches for the remainder of the season